The real city of love ‘VENICE’ in Italy, is a city built of water (Adriatic sea). There are no roads inside the city, the only thing there are canals. And guess what, the airport is also on water. It’s a bit expensive there, one of the cheapest there is the real Italian gelato, hahaha. One […]

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You know that feeling when the weather is so cool that your ankle want to even breath. The only socks we need to put on often in summer is the ‘hidden socks’, the ankle needs some air during this time. One of the things I like about polo shirts is that it makes you look […]

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Camel Coat

The camel coat is one of the must-have coats one need to add to his/his wardrobe. It is one of the most classic cover-ups of all, and it wore whether you are dressing down or up (casual or classy). The camel coat comes in different shades, so one needs to be extra sure when buying […]

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New outfit (Pick 1)

Trench coat is one of the pieces one is have in his/her wardrobe. No matter the color, it will still look classy and clean. One of the things I like about it is that, it really keeps the body warm and you don’t need to put on much clothes when you put it on. One […]

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Afro-Euro 2

Blessed day to you all. It’s another chapter of Afro-Euro, and I was in Italy this time around. ┬áVeneto (Italy) is one of my favorite cities in Italy and I love everything about the place, from their food to their way of dressing. Because Italians ain’t afraid of colors I decided to put on light […]

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