It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Prague, and as usual have what to put on in mind. After checking the weather and seeing the sun I had a change of mind, and that made me to throw on the bright orange shirt. Just take a good look at the photos, you’ll notice the bright […]



When the weather is super hot, there is no way one can avoid a tank top. With the right tank top you even put on a smiling face even though you maybe having a lot of problems. We all know that feelings when the wind blows under your armpit when wearing a tank top haha. […]

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Multimedia exhibition project SOUL OF MONEY focuses on money as a phenomenon of which we all are – voluntarily or involuntarily – part. Through the works and projects range of Czech and foreign artists are trying to explore ways and some of the implications of how the world today thoroughly colonized through the current economic […]

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Camel Coat

The camel coat is one of the must-have coats one need to add to his/his wardrobe. It is one of the most classic cover-ups of all, and it wore whether you are dressing down or up (casual or classy). The camel coat comes in different shades, so one needs to be extra sure when buying […]

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Red Scarf

GIAN MARCO VENTURI red scarf is the best scarf for this type of weather (-17). The weather in Prague was crazy fellas, so I needed something to keep myself super warm. This very scarf of mine is one of my favorite. I bought this when I was in Italy – Veneto (my second home), and […]

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Accessories are one of the things that makes an outfit complete. One can put on all black from head to toe, a very nice and clean one. But imagine if a gold jewelry is thrown on it (wink). It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have enough, what matters is wearing it on the right […]

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During winter, one of the ways one can look super cool is by combining some bold colors to your outfits. Bold colors will always make you stand out, and it makes people know how bold you are. Personally I believe, Africans have the most beautiful bold colors when it comes to textiles. That is the […]

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