Aside black, navy blue is the next classy color. One can never go wrong in navy blue, that’s why it is one of the must have colors. Ladies, if your man does not have anything navy in his wardrobe please amend things for him. For those who are afraid of colors when it comes style […]

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Inside 2015

I want to thank the Almighty God and all of you for your support since blog was started. And out of all the images that I posted these were the ones that people were inspired the most, and I noticed that from your likes and comments not only on the blog. 2015 has been a […]

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Uni. Style

As a Graphic Design student I always want to look presentable when going for lectures. Graphic Design is one of the most stressful programs so if you don’t take care you’ll always put on anything when going for lectures. I personally see my body as a canvas, so I don’t just throw on anything when […]

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Navy Blue

It’s December and I just want us to thank God for how far He has brought us. At the moment in Prague the weather ain’t too cold as compared to last year, but in this shot my jacket was hidden though haha. As a gentleman one of the colors you mustn’t do without is ‘Blue’. […]

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Afro-Euro 3

What’s good fellas? This is my second shot in Veneto city (Italy) and it has been amazing. It was 14:30 after church service and I made one of my good pals (Prince) snapped me. As I have informed you before, I most of the times dress according to my mood and since it was a […]

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The bow tie first entered the scene as a new style of necktie in the beginning of the 19th century, and till now it’s one of the few things that keeps one in style. I always advice those I style that they should always go for a particular size depending on the shape of their […]

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Putting on braces will always make you stand out. Never be afraid to style yourself with braces, with some real African wrist beads.

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