Why wear an outfit that doesn’t make you feel good or great? We all remember from childhood how we felt among our friends whenever our parents buy us that outfit we like so much. You may think this only happens to children, but that’s untrue. Ladies can relate to this more than gentlemen. Normally there […]

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Normally, when some people travel abroad, they easily forget their culture. They end up embracing the culture of the land they’re in. I sometimes blame parents who don’t teach their children their root (culture). How beautiful it is if you yourself and children understand and holds on unto your culture. It was a blessed Sunday […]



Chale Socks are not only made of the finest quality materials. They are also meticulously designed to produce socks that can be described as exceptional works of art. Chale socks are a dynamic, African (Ghanaian), forward-thinking group of creatives. They are inspired to elevate the culture through creating distinctive, vibrant African inspired socks.           […]

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Since I have been outside my motherland for pretty long time, I realize that aside from the capital ‘Accra’, a lot of foreigners do not know other places in Ghana. Frankly speaking, if you really want to know a lot and have fun in Ghana, you have to travel outside Accra. I have this outfit […]

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GH 2017

Visiting my motherland for the first time was one of the best feelings I have had in this year. Some thoughts that came to my mind include my culture, old friends, and some normal activities such as kids playing around, sellers on the streets etc. Kumasi Art Centre  During my stay, I visited all the three […]

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During summer time, bright colors are always recommended if you only want to stand out. And since people normally stir from beneath, any quality shoe with excellent socks like this blue Chale Socks is a perfect combination.   Chale socks are a dynamic, African (Ghanaian), forward thinking group of creatives. They are inspired to elevate the culture through […]

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African Heroes Have you wondered why all the red in African countries flag means BLOOD? It’s all because some leaders like those below fought for their nations and believed in their people. This project is illustrations of some African leaders, whom many outside the African continent don’t know about. The motive is to educate those […]



It feels good when you have something that cost less and looks good on you. Sometimes people message me concerning how I shop and I answer them considering their location. Just have in mind that not everything expensive will look good on you.  In these photos, aside from my jeans jacket and sneakers, the rest […]

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My motherland Ghana is a place full of rich culture. Everything about Africa in general is beautiful, and it’s sad that ‘they’ only show the poor side of Africa to the rest of the world. In Ghana, Kente cloth is one of things we cherish and that’s why we even welcome some head of states […]

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