‘FUGU’ (Smock)

Smock is one of the traditional outfits in Ghana. Before, it was worn by our chiefs and also people in high positions. Since it is hand woven, I call it a piece of an art work. The method for making it is similar to ‘Kente’ clothe. The northern part of Ghana (place of origin) are […]

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Inside 2015

I want to thank the Almighty God and all of you for your support since blog was started. And out of all the images that I posted these were the ones that people were inspired the most, and I noticed that from your likes and comments not only on the blog. 2015 has been a […]

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Red Detail

For one to look different all the time one of the things that can be of a good help is detail.┬áDetail in our everyday life will always make us look different. It is one of the things that people don’t really pay attention to when dressing up. We seem to forget that that little detail […]

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