Aside black, navy blue is the next classy color. One can never go wrong in navy blue, that’s why it is one of the must have colors. Ladies, if your man does not have anything navy in his wardrobe please amend things for him. For those who are afraid of colors when it comes style […]

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Africa In Europe

Those who follow my blog already know about the history of the SMOCK. To summarize it for my new followers, it is a plaid(hand woven) shirt worn mainly by African men though there are also female versions of it. In Ghana, it is popularly known as ‘fugu’or ‘batakari’and it is worn by kings in the […]

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Red Scarf

GIAN MARCO VENTURI red scarf is the best scarf for this type of weather (-17). The weather in Prague was crazy fellas, so I needed something to keep myself super warm. This very scarf of mine is one of my favorite. I bought this when I was in Italy – Veneto (my second home), and […]

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During winter, one of the ways one can look super cool is by combining some bold colors to your outfits. Bold colors will always make you stand out, and it makes people know how bold you are. Personally I believe, Africans have the most beautiful bold colors when it comes to textiles. That is the […]

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Inside 2015

I want to thank the Almighty God and all of you for your support since blog was started. And out of all the images that I posted these were the ones that people were inspired the most, and I noticed that from your likes and comments not only on the blog. 2015 has been a […]

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