GH 2017

Visiting my motherland for the first time was one of the best feelings I have had in this year. Some thoughts that came to my mind include¬†my culture, old friends, and some normal activities such as kids playing around, sellers on the streets etc. Kumasi Art Centre¬† During my stay, I visited all the three […]

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When the weather is super hot, there is no way one can avoid a tank top. With the right tank top you even put on a smiling face even though you maybe having a lot of problems. We all know that feelings when the wind blows under your armpit when wearing a tank top haha. […]

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Tie & Dye

Traditional clothing with bold and colorful African patterns and ancient symbols is what tie and dye is. Symbols and shapes are cut into foam or wood-block cut and printed onto fabric, other cloths are tied into knots and dipped into dye, then hung up and left to dry. It was a sunny day so I […]

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Africa In Europe

Those who follow my blog already know about the history of the SMOCK. To summarize it for my new followers, it is a plaid(hand woven) shirt worn mainly by African men though there are also female versions of it. In Ghana, it is popularly known as ‘fugu’or ‘batakari’and it is worn by kings in the […]

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‘FUGU’ (Smock)

Smock is one of the traditional outfits in Ghana. Before, it was worn by our chiefs and also people in high positions. Since it is hand woven, I call it a piece of an art work. The method for making it is similar to ‘Kente’ clothe. The northern part of Ghana (place of origin) are […]

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Hello fellas, I trust by grace all of you are doing excellent? For those who follow my blog day by day(thanks for that) by now you know about the ‘Kente’ cloth, and if you don’t you can check the post before this under culture category. The Kente cloth as you see is a fully hand […]

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My motherland Ghana is a place full of rich culture. Everything about Africa in general is beautiful, and it’s sad that ‘they’ only show the poor side of Africa to the rest of the world. In Ghana, Kente cloth is one of things we cherish and that’s why we even welcome some head of states […]

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