Why wear an outfit that doesn’t make you feel good or great? We all remember from childhood how we felt among our friends whenever our parents buy us that outfit we like so much. You may think this only happens to children, but that’s untrue. Ladies can relate to this more than gentlemen. Normally there […]

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You may say see it as ‘clothes’, some may even add the word ‘just’. Well, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion so… But some of us don’t see clothes as an ordinary thing we buy to cover ourselves. Putting on the right outfit has open doors for me, that’s why I don’t put anything […]

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Being odd is beautiful and unique, so don’t let anyone deceive you that there is something wrong when you are odd.┬áHave you ever ask yourself why ladies become disturbed when they see someone in a gathering, wearing the same outfit as theirs? This should tell you how being is a beautiful thing. For gentlemen, I […]



We all know how long waistcoat has been around, but have you wonder why it has been around for this long? From what I know, real gentlemen appeared without a waistcoat. The men in time past understood who a real gentleman was, so they were not wearing anything just like that. No wonder we’ve been […]

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Perfect Fabrics for Summer

Although many people like summer (I prefer autumn), some struggle when it comes to choosing an outfit for an occasion or looking presentable when meeting up with friends. For instance, Japan is one of the hottest countries in this year’s summer. And companies are trying to come out with clothes using the right fabrics for […]

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We all know how difficult it is to try on something you’ve never thought of wearing. And we also know that there is no harm in trying. So why not put a pause to the everyday black and classic navy blazers? Don’t worry, I get it, and I have been there before. But here I […]

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Normally, when some people travel abroad, they easily forget their culture. They end up embracing the culture of the land they’re in. I sometimes blame parents who don’t teach their children their root (culture). How beautiful it is if you yourself and children understand and holds on unto your culture. It was a blessed Sunday […]