Being odd is beautiful and unique, so don’t let anyone deceive you that there is something wrong when you are odd. Have you ever ask yourself why ladies become disturbed when they see someone in a gathering, wearing the same outfit as theirs? This should tell you how being is a beautiful thing.

For gentlemen, I believe BRIGHT COLOURS are one thing that can help us to be odd when we step out to any occasion. As a gentleman, don’t be afraid to be different in the midst of people.

tez..-4588tez..-4589tez..-4609I use to hate bright colours because I thought to myself everybody will be looking at me when I show up. On the other hand, I hated it when people look the same or almost the same. So I decided one to try bright colours on and be me no matter what.

tez..-4597..tez..-4595tez..-4691tez..-4677Ladies, if your man doesn’t have a brown shoe, please surprise him with one. That alone helps a man to look odd and sharp.

Italian will say ”black shoes are for funerals and weddings”. 


The photographer is 12 years of age. 


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