We all know how long waistcoat has been around, but have you wonder why it has been around for this long? From what I know, real gentlemen appeared without a waistcoat. The men in time past understood who a real gentleman was, so they were not wearing anything just like that. No wonder we’ve been copying most of our recent styles from them.

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Old skool gentlemen never made a mistake with their outfits, they’re always on point. What our generation does is to copy them and add a little new thing to it. That’s why I always advise people never to follow fashion, rather have your own style.

tez..-7439tez..-62121tez..-9462Remember, a Victorian gent would never have appeared without his waistcoat.


tez..-2104Ladies, as we’re already in this cold season, there is a discount on things now. To shop on a budget like myself, why not buy your man a three piece suite or just a waistcoat as his X’mas gift? Suggest a waistcoat for him, and you’ll see how his personal style will transform.


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