Perfect Fabrics for Summer

Although many people like summer (I prefer autumn), some struggle when it comes to choosing an outfit for an occasion or looking presentable when meeting up with friends.

For instance, Japan is one of the hottest countries in this year’s summer. And companies are trying to come out with clothes using the right fabrics for this kind of weather.

What I want to inform you is, be mindful when buying clothes during summer, and be checking the weather whenever you’re stepping out, especially during evenings.

Cotton, Polyester, Linen, and Chiffon (for ladies mostly) are the fabrics I normally recommend during summer. The shirt I am wearing in the photo is 100% cotton, and my body temperature was very normal.  Those with sensitive skin can tolerate 100% cotton than polyester. Cotton quickly transfer heat away from the body.

tez..-5788tez..-5793Before I put on jean pants in summer, I check the weather. Unless the jeans pant is light.

tez..-5786tez..-5813tez..-5805.tez..-5801The number one accessory you should have in summer is your sunglasses. If you have the money, spend on a quality one. For those on a budget like myself, thrift store or vintage shop is always a great place for a quality cheap piece.


Have a blessed day. Cheers


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