tez..-1981Normally, when some people travel abroad, they easily forget their culture. They end up embracing the culture of the land they’re in. I sometimes blame parents who don’t teach their children their root (culture). How beautiful it is if you yourself and children understand and holds on unto your culture.

tez..-9tez..-8It was a blessed Sunday and because my main style is Afro-Euro, which is a blend of African and European style. That’s why with my classy outfit, I throw on some kente on my shoulder just to remind of my African culture.

tez..--4Always remember that pocket square is not to match your tie, it is to complement the tie rather. And looking at my outfit, I went for a bright color square to brighten up the whole outfit, though the kente also does.


tez..--3tez..-A strap monk shoe will always make you a gentleman


iPhone 8+ shots 

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