tez..-1I call this style cool casual because of the combination of a bit of everything. Also because of the cool colors I chose. I will suggest less of bright colors during the spring season, and more bright colors during summer. If you’re a gentleman and you’re reading this, don’t think bright colors are for ladies only, step up your game and throw on some bright colors (wink). And if you’re a lady, you can surprise your man with some bright color outfit (even if it’s a necktie, that is cool).

tez..-It was Easter Sunday, and I decided to put on white as a sign of victory since we Christians believe Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day which falls on Sunday. And because it was a bit cold, that’s why I threw on the khaki blazer.

tez..-2-2tez..-2When the weather is favorable, the ankle should breathe a bit.


All photos were taken with iPhone 8+

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