Ladies, in this spring season I just want suggest some cool style for you. I believe this will make you look different when you combine this with yours. The most important thing is when you are happy with your own outfit. When you are unhappy about it, don’t put it on. When one is proud of what he/she is wearing it easily reflect on his/her face.


Turtleneck sweatshirt + Blazer + Belt 

In this spring, as a lady who want to have that cool classy casual look, you can throw on some blazer (preferably a cool color) on top of a turtleneck sweatshirt, and just puts on a bright color belt (if your blazer is a cool color) above your waist.

If you have a short sleeves turtleneck sweatshirt, that will be very cool, and it’s because when you’re feeling hot in a room and you want to remove the blazer, you’ll surprise people with it.  Under normal circumstances, people will think your turtleneck is the normal long sleeves and mind you, the short sleeves will surely let you stand out in a unique style always. Cheers!

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