tez-14H-E-L-L-O! And happy new year to you all. As the year has begun, I am very grateful to you all for being with me throughout last year. For I am nothing without you all.

Special thanks to all my fans worldwide. And for this year, the
four countries who visited my blog most was Czech Republic, Canada, The United Kingdom and United States (in order). A big shout-out to you all.

Before we began shooting, my friend and I decided to meet at a place
before we begin, so she suggested this cool place for us meet for some
coffee. And since the place was super cool, we decided to start right
there as part of our new year shots.

tez-3tez-2I know you’ll like to know the place but sorry, I was paid neither was
the coffee free for us haha.
Anyways, so that was how my new year shots began. Enjoy the photos and
feel free to comment the country you’re viewing this from. THANK YOU

tez-10tez-12tez-13tez-11tez-9tez-8The sick vintage eyeglasses were from my favorite vintage shop in Prague, Czech Republic (fifty: fifty) It’s a place where one can find some cool secondhand outfits with a cool price. And fifty: fifty is the name of this vintage shop.


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