tez-0893I perceive jeans jacket has been underestimated for a pretty long time until people like Kanye West and luxury brands like Gucci (with the floral patterns) revived it in a way for a certain audience.

For vintage lovers like myself, the denim jacket is something of the past. And I will like to recommend the denim jacket for nice people like you, yeah, I mean you reading this right now.

tez-0856In this winter, for you not to look like people around you, the denim jacket is one of the things you’ll need. I do know people put on jeans jacket, but I’m talking about you will and can style it up.

tez-0858tez-0864tez-0866The weather was 1 degree and I had a thermal underwear, shirt, vest and the denim jacket on, and I was feeling alright. Mind you, my jeans jacket is super heavy, so if yours is light you’ll need to layer up more, or your cardigan/ vest should be heavy before the jacket.

tez-0913tez-0904.jpgtez-0873tez-0876tez-0881A little detail in every outfit makes a difference. As you can see, the red pocket square gives my looks a different style.


Photos by: Tereza Kvapilová

Denim Jacket: Diesel   /  Pants: Thrift store



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