Have you ever seen someone nicely dress and not happy before? Aside the person not having a good day, that can be from the outfit as well.

Dressing according to my mood is what I normally do, and it because I want to feel good anytime I step outside. Fellas, why wear an outfit if you’re not feeling good in it?

tez-0781We all have that one outfit we love so much. One of mine is this pants, and what I like about it is you wear it without ironing it and dark blue which matches with everything. Hurray!!

tez-0786tez-0783As a graphic designer, the cap, and the sweater were designed by myself. The cap carries my initials EK, and the sweater carries 4GIVE text. In case you want to buy one, email me. Cheers!

tez-0790tez-0792If you’re happy about what you are wearing, don’t step out at all.


Photos by: Tereza Kvapilová

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