Since I have been outside my motherland for pretty long time, I realize that aside from the capital ‘Accra’, a lot of foreigners do not know other places in Ghana.

Frankly speaking, if you really want to know a lot and have fun in Ghana, you have to travel outside Accra.

tez-4169I have this outfit on because of the sunny weather. I will advise you to be jeans pants a lot during the daytime when you visit, and the top you see me wearing is not 100% cotton.

tez-4168tez-4209Prestea is a gold mining town in Ghana and the people there are very lovely. Since the town is not that big, they know each other very well, which helps them to help each other.

tez-4190 She taught me how to pose after sharing some words about schooling

tez-4192After a nice moment with these kids, in a nutshell, I told them to believe in themselves because I do believe in them and that they can be whoever they want to become in future if the study hard, respects anyone and pray.

tez-4187tez-4122                                        What came into my mind when I saw this…

As you see these chicks, they are still alive because they obey and follow the hen (their mother). If you’re reading this, I need you to obey your parents, if only you want to live longer on this planet. And remember, you’ll become a parent one day. Cheers. 




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