GH 2017

Visiting my motherland for the first time was one of the best feelings I have had in this year. Some thoughts that came to my mind include my culture, old friends, and some normal activities such as kids playing around, sellers on the streets etc.

tez-4002Kumasi Art Centre 

During my stay, I visited all the three main cities in Ghana (Accra, Kumasi,  and Sekondi-Takoradi) including some towns in the Ashanti and Western region.

All the photos for today was taken in Kumasi ( Ashanti region)

tez-3998     The statue depicts a woman traditionally dressed and performing a traditional dance.

In the past, this was how some ladies in certain tribes perform during some festivals. But in our generation, things are a done in a different way when it comes to the outfit.

tez-4026tez-4033tez-4034In Kumasi art center, I bought this small traditional drum known as the talking drum or ‘dondo for my crib abroad. Because of its cuteness and how I perceived it will look in my living room, that’s why I bought it.

tez-4008Another thing I bought was the gold hand woven ‘kente’ scarf. And the man next to me below was the one who made it. I had the opportunity to see him do it. 

tez-4013The man who made woven kente scarf

tez-3992After the art center, my lovely cousin (Aba Mensah) and I needed one of my best street food. And in case you want to try when you visit Ghana, remember to add groundnut.


tez-3984 One of the busiest market in West Africa – Kejetia market in Kumasi, Ghana.

3 thoughts on “GH 2017

  1. Wow bro nice one and good job on the education on some our culture. Protraying Africa to the world especially our country Ghana. God bless you.

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