The real city of love ‘VENICE’ in Italy, is a city built of water (Adriatic sea). There are no roads inside the city, the only thing there are canals. And guess what, the airport is also on water. It’s a bit expensive there, one of the cheapest there is the real Italian gelato, hahaha.

One of the charming things is seeing the sunset in Venice, it’s breathtaking.

tez-3901tez-3899           Though I have been there several times, I’m never satisfied about this place.

tez-3868tez-3878I chose this my colourful pant because it’s not heavy and very comfortable in 36 degrees weather.

tez-3881tez-2-2 As you know already, converse is pat of me and one can never go wrong with converse.

tez-2-3tez-1962                                                               Lifestyle in Venice


Photos by: Tereza Kvapilova

Polo Shirt: Zara , Sneakers: Converse, Pants: Customize

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