There are many ways one can use to safe some money. Have in mind, ‘a little drops of water makes a mighty ocean’. For this being said, every penny count and that’s one of the reasons why the wealthy people remain wealthy.

When it comes to clothing, it’s not everything that we must throw away. I know some people do have in abundance that’s why they do so. For some of us we don’t so we have learn how to keep the little we have, and that’s what I want to share with you.

Today will be about sewing, it is cheap and easy to learn. The things you need includes;

pencil (for making out areas), scissors, thread(s), measuring tape, buttons (optional) and a needle. These will do for now.


I was in one hotel in Liberec (a city in Czech Republic) and to my surprise, I found the elements in the above photo in their wardrobe. This doesn’t happen because I’ve been to a lot of hotels and hostels  in Europe, and it was my first of seeing such a thing, which is super cool for someone like me who is into fashion.

Oops, the name of the hotel is Pytloun City Boutique hotel . Cheers!

to be continued…

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