It feels good when you have something that cost less and looks good on you. Sometimes people message me concerning how I shop and I answer them considering their location. Just have in mind that not everything expensive will look good on you.  In these photos, aside from my jeans jacket and sneakers, the rest […]

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There are many ways one can use to safe some money. Have in mind, ‘a little drops of water makes a mighty ocean’. For this being said, every penny count and that’s one of the reasons why the wealthy people remain wealthy. When it comes to clothing, it’s not everything that we must throw away. […]

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With T.M . Lewin ”Tradition goes on”. This 1898 brand has been making quality things since day one, and quality things always stays the same. These are some neck ties from T.M that I want to share with you. They are all cotton, and there’s nothing like a cotton neck tie. To the ladies reading this, […]

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