Winter is a period we get to see different types of layers in dressing depending on how cold it is. Personally, even when it is super cold, I still want to look cool. I normally go for three layers depending on the material of the clothes. I have done the four layers before, and I was still cool in it just like when I’m in two layers.

Some people always give excuse during winter, and all they think about is protecting themselves, so they throw on anything they see around just to feel warm.

What I have realized is, such people, don’t know that clothes define who you are. And because they are not aware, they end up with anything to keep them warm.

tez-2570In today’s shot, I’m in three layers as you see and I decided to put on denim (Levi’s) on top of a denim jacket. And it’s because I have not seen anyone yet in two jeans jacket.


I customized the handbag myself when I was bored in my room.tez-2585tez-2597tez-2607tez-2609

Shots by: Tereza Kvapilová and the location is Liberec (a city in the Czech Republic)

Jacket – Levi’s

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