Shoes, are one of the things people look at before anything else on a person. Some guys thinks ladies are the only people who should care about their shoes.

With ladies and shoes, a good pair even makes ugly ladies look great. And I believe that is one of the reasons why some ladies don’t play around with quality shoes.

Now, how can guys take good care of their shoes when on a low budge or not? I trust the basic tips below will help your (including ladies) shoes to last longer.


  1. SOFT CLOTH: You need this to dust the shoe first. The choosing of cloth depends on you.
  2. HARD HORSEHAIR BRUSH (2): The shoe might have pass through massive dirt, so you’ll need the hard brush to remove it. This is very helpful because it makes the shoe clean enough.
  3. WAX POLISH: Remember I said wax polish. This is one of the reasons why some shoes don’t last. Because people normally prefer the option ‘6’ (liquid polish) which destroys leather shoes. Wax polish is always the best for leather shoes.
  4. SOFT HORSEHAIR BRUSH: This is for buffing for the shoe before another hard brush is use over the shoe to keep the wax firm on the leather.
  5. SHOE TREE: Some people go for the plastic one because of it low cost, but I prefer the wooden one. The shoe tree helps the shoe to keep it perfect shape, and those who uses this can testify to this that it has really help their shoes to last longer.
  6. LIQUID POLISH: Fellas, please say no to this. The use of this on shoes is very easy, and I know that’s why people go for it. If you really want your shoes to last, stop using this because it destroys the leather.

You can get yourself a small foam to rub the surface of the leather after polishing the shoe. This brings out the super shiny parts of the shoe. 


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