Invest In A Good Shoe

Shoes are something that some people don’t really care about. They prefer getting something cheap all because they can have like three pairs of it. What they don’t know is that ”you are what you wear”.

When it comes to ladies, she maybe alright in terms of looks. But I can assure you that when you get her the right pair of heels her whole looks will amend.

With some guys, whenever they hear the word ‘shoe’ they think about ladies. So such people just go in for any pair without a second thought.

When I’m getting a new pair of shoe I am mindful.  This very shoe you’re seeing below is a pair by Alberto Gozzi (Italian designer) . His shoes are one of the best I have come across do far. Because Italy is where I am mostly, most of my shoes are made by them.

What I really like about this shoe is the sole and its perfect leather both in and out. Most shoe has synthetic leather inside, so one can easily see the effect when it is wet.

Fellas, invest in a good shoe and you’ll never regret buying it. If you think they are expensive, pend on sales or speak to the shop owner, he/she may go on some terms with you. Cheers!


Monk Strap shoe


The difference between a good shoe and a bad shoe is that ‘‘good shoes still looks great even when its old, while a bad shoe will look ugly in a year and some months.”

Alberto Gozzi shoe. 


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