Vacation in Budapest with my beloved was such an experience. Spending three days over there was enough for us, and I will advise people not to spend more than three days there. All the tourist attractions are actually located in the same place. When it comes to nice views for photo shoots, there are many cool places around. All my photos were taken in two places by my partner (their parliament and the fisherman’s bastion close to the castle).

There is nothing nicer than keeping it super simple during summer and never forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses that fit well will always put you in style. Mine is a turtle sunglasses with gold details. Some people just go in for what is nice, not for what actually fit their head shape. Another thing that made me stood out in the street of Budapest was my colorful shorts. I went for this colorful shorts because summer is a perfect season for colorful things. Remember not to throw on more colors. When doing that, make sure the blending is on point. Cheers!


Shots by: Tereza Kvapilová

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