In our generation the way people respond to your things makes you know whether it was good or bad. As I was doing this project, I tried to share what I am doing with my friends and also random people, just to see their reactions. I knew people will like the project, but to my surprise they loved it. After sharing a few on the things I made people began to ask me how much I was selling them. In fact, that encouraged me to put some them on sale.

Some of the difficulties I encounted was practising with the sewing the machine, and what even made it was worse was the fact that I was using jeans. Another challenge was when I was writing the text ‘blessed’ in front of the jacket. Since it was a button jacket, I had to think carefully on how it can pronounced when
open. With much glee, I am glad the project ended this way, given me the idea to do something big in the near future. Cheers.   REVIVIFY  (how I made it)


The customised jeans jackets by myself. And I can do some for you if you want.




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