When the weather is super hot, there is no way one can avoid a tank top. With the right tank top you even put on a smiling face even though you maybe having a lot of problems. We all know that feelings when the wind blows under your armpit when wearing a tank top haha.

Because of my Afro-Euro style and seeing everyone in a tank top, I decided to go for this particular style. This very one was sewn in Ghana and given to me by a cool pal of mine Leena Kyei (fb). Looking at the tank top, you can see the work that went into, This ain’t like the patched type. Shout out to Leena K. again for this wonderful kente tank top.

Looking at this tank top, I decided to match it with a regular sneaker. And one cool thing about these types of sneakers is that they remind me of my primary school days (smile). I know that many people don’t really put on such sneakers like before. But the truth is, they are very cool and comfortable, and will surely put you in style when you wear it the right way at the right time. Cheers!


Shot by: Adoneez R.

Kente tank top, H&M pants, regular sneaker.


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