Dark colors always make one have a that serious look. So if you want to put on a dark color without a non-serious look just tone it done by wearing a cool color together with it. You can see from the images that I went for a stone color khaki pants because of my dark navy-blue shirt. And let us not forget that cool colors always make one to have that cool gentle look. Bright colors make you bold, fearless and unique.

With this outfit, because I wanted to create an impression of both seriousness and coolness that’s why I went for both colors. As the Italians will say, ‘black shoes are for funerals and weddings’, brown shoes are perfect when you want to be in style. Many people think you can’t match a lot of outfits with a brown shoe. I personally see black shoes to be boring, but it’s good to have one or two in your wardrobe (throw in some black suede). There are many shades of brown shoes so how can a thing like this be boring?

On my feet is the penny loafer, and they are one of the old classy loafers that puts you in style. This penny loafer is by George’s,  a handmade loafer with a hard leader. My leather bag is from Italy (original makers of leather).

     And fellas, the reason why we put on a wristwatch is for us to tell the time without a struggle, and also for people to see it. Wristwatches nowadays are accessories, so people must see it when you have it on. That’s why the sleeves must be rolled, the way you want it (long/short), but the right way (I’ll do some tutorial on that). If you do not want to look casual, then don’t roll it up. But make sure your sleeves have the right measurement to your wrist. Thank you.

tez-0743tez-0746tez-0750tez-0763tez-0769tez-0775tez-0783Check out the pants were sewn, that’s what I call style. And as I said, roll up your sleeves the right way.tez-0794tez-0806tez-0807

Navy shirt, Stone color pants, Komono watch, African beads, and George’s penny loafer.

Shot by: Tereza Kvapilová

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