Tie & Dye

Traditional clothing with bold and colorful African patterns and ancient symbols is what tie and dye is. Symbols and shapes are cut into foam or wood-block cut and printed onto fabric, other cloths are tied into knots and dipped into dye, then hung up and left to dry.

It was a sunny day so I decided to be in a street style in a way. Seeing what others have been doing with street style, I wanted to twist it a little bit with my printed shirt and the African chain. And went for this burgundy pants because I believe it has that vintage look. For those who have been following me, you know by now that I’m a big fun of Chuck Taylor. I really love this camouflage chucks,and it’s also because I’m fun of anything camouflage. In case you’re wondering, the street you’re seeing is the beautiful street of Prague, about 200m away from the old town square. Enjoy the photos. Cheers!

afro3-9710afro3-9703afro3-9735afro3-9739afro3-9741afro3-9745afro3-9756This position with my arm is my signature in case you’re wondering (wink)


Tie and Dye, African beads, Burgundy pants, Chuck Taylor.


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