Jeans is the main fabric for this project. I also went to a fabric shop to buy a camouflage material, and I also included one African fabric that I have. These are the two fabrics used in this project.

Beginning with the jeans jacket, you must make some visible marks with a colored chalk/pencil. These marks serves as a guide when placing the fabric at the right spot. Because I do not know how to use the sewing machine well, with the help of the marks created I showed the seamstress the exact places that need to be sew. Now, remember that we are dealing with old clothes, so it is more advisable when the patches are made around the most faded areas or choose the desired spots you want on the outfit.

Sewing Method


The second method used was sketching first with a pencil on the t-shirt before the design pen is used on the sketch. The first sketch is needed because it helps you to have the shape and size on the on the t-shirt. With this one, the idea was to make a XXL t-shirt look cool on a person who wears L instead. So the t-shirt was first cut with a sharp scissors in a form of tank top (since we’re near(in) summer). After that, the desired sketches was made for the design.

Sketching and Painting


With this method, the bleach (savo) was done first at the tip of the legs of the jeans. In order to have the right place bleach, a polythene bag must be used to cover the place that won’t be bleach after tying it, before dipping the uncovered part into the bleach. With the preparation of the bleach, depending on the must bleach area, the bleach solution must be mixed with a hot water (water must be more than the bleach) in a bucket, and the uncovered area must be left in the solution for an hour or two, depending on how you want the bleach area to look like.

Painting and Bleaching


This was done by sewing a fabric on a t-shirt. The fabric was cut in a sharp of breast pocket, before the sewing it around.



With this method, the t-shirt had some little stains , so the bleach was used to applied on it using the splashing/sprinkling technique. Remember to cover your  gloves when using the bleach.



to be continued…


TOOLS: Pencil, Sewing machine, Cutting Knife, Ruler, Bucket, Gloves

MATERIALS: Paper, Acrylic paints, Adhesive tape, Fabrics, Bleach, Polythene bag, T-shirts, Jeans shorts and jacket.



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