I have been saying all the time how people are afraid of colorful things, especially males. And it’s funny how people respond with exciting comments when they see me in them. The thing is, if you want to look different different why not try on something that will make people go like wow ! As a stylist, that’s what I always want to hear from my customers or from random people. Being an African, I really do love colors and I try to combine one or two things all the time.

In this outfit, the pants was made out of several African print materials sewn together. It is interesting how every material has it own special meaning. I really love this print materials, especially when I am in Europe.

As you already know (if you follow my blog well), afro-euro is my main style. Because of this, I throw on my favorite navy color on with a patched elbow blazer. The bow tie is a crafted detail wood. To make things short, the only expensive thing I had on was my white shirt. My shoe and glasses brands are expensive, but I had it cheap from one Italian vintage shop. Don’t underestimate the power of vintage things. Cheers!






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