You are about to experience how old clothes can pass through a mega transformation. Perhaps, some of you will end up applying some the techniques to your new clothes as well.

INTRO. The world of Graphic Design is very broad, that’s why we will be exploring another section of it in this project. This is basically about some design ideas which we will apply in a fashion form. In the area of graphic design, we will be entering into texts which can be customize fonts, and we will also experiment with colors. This visual art project will be in a form of stitches, hand sketches, bleaching etc.
GOAL: The aim is to encourage people to patronize goods that looks just like the expensive clothes out there. It’s like seeing two white t-shirt and one cost far more than the other, simply because of a logo.

With ‘revivify’, instead of throwing things away you can bring your old outfits that you love for a new look.
COMM. TASK: Street style is what we will be communicating and it’s because we want the majority to feel comfortable in their old style attire or less expensive outfit when they are in public. The vision is to sell more products and have awareness of our services. What actually makes us different from our competitors is the fact that our customers can bring their old/new outfits to be customized. We will not be using only our materials alone as we are simply updating some of our old skills in design making.

to be continued…

You will see some of these sketches in reality as we proceed.


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