Presenting oneself is very important. No matter who you are, this is something you must take very serious. Because some people lack things like this, they have lost very important contracts,  job opportunities and even life partners.
Using myself as an example, there are some job offers that came my way simply because of how I presented myself to them. In this outfit you’re seeing, the weather was a bit windy and raining from time to time in Prague. I had an appointment with someone so I decided on navy blue. As I have been telling my followers, if you’re afraid  to lay away your all black outfits, please replace them with navy blue. I call navy blue the new black. In this outfit, you see how I threw on the v-neck vest on the white shirt  and covered it all with the navy blue blazer. Because of the two navy blues, I went for the khaki pants to dim it down a bit. The white shirt enhanced the vest and the brown shoe enhanced the pants. I personally don’t like it when someone puts on a black shoe with a khaki pants.
Ladies, please inform your partners to put on sea blue shirt whenever they’re going for an interview, and if they only have black shoe get them a brown one as a present.

tv-7497tv-7504tv-7518tv-7545There is nothing attractive than investing in a great leather hand bag (Italian made) for business purposes. tv-7551tv-7555Suite/blazer accessories are one of the things that makes you stand out. Try and get one for

Photos by  (Veronika)

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