One of the difficult things some people go through is when they are buying a gift for a guy, especially a gentleman. Based on some of the messages I have been receiving, I want to share some of my ideas with you.

When it comes to dressing, we know how ladies are into it more than us guys. For this reason, we do not need a lot of things to make us look good or presentable. All we need is a detail mark when it comes to our dressing, and that is what I call the highlight spot .  As a guy, think about one thing that will make you look different. (Ladies, think about this when getting your man a gift).

For this reason ladies, get your man something simple and classy, and he will surely look different .


We know some guys are into bow ties. For a guy like this, get him a different bow tie? There’s no harm in trying. Take a good look at this handcrafted wooden bow tie, the detail alone is amazing, and that will make him go like wow!

The camouflage pattern is one of my favorite. I love everything made from camo, and it’s because of its unique style. Just ask yourself, how many people have I seen in camo necktie? That’s what I’m talking about. Get him something like that.

You maybe having a second thought about socks. But you know what, it is actually one the most detail items you can find. Socks easily changes ones appearance, so why not consider it as a gift item? I’m not talking about some of those funny socks, guess you know what I’m talking about. Cheers.


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