Some people put on striped outfit just because they like the color, texture or the shape of it. Have you ever thought about why the major stripe outfits are either vertical and horizontal? Aside that they make you feel relaxed in a way, there is a major reason  and that’s what I want to share with you.

Guys normally put on horizontal stripes as compared to ladies. I don’t really know why so let’s roll with it. With ladies one can never tell, maybe it’s because they  look good in them (horizontal). That reminds me, probably it’s because we don’t look that catchy in vertical stripes. I do have  some few vertical stripes though but hardly do I put them on.

Horizontal stripes are made to make people look big, so I will suggest this to people who have putting on weight. Slim ladies who put on vertical stripes want to look more slim that’s why.Guys normally put on horizontal because within us we feel slim and that makes us look big. For instance, hardly well you find a guy in a vertical sweat shirt.

The thing is, if you want to look slim go for vertical and if you want look thick horizontal.

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