Multimedia exhibition project SOUL OF MONEY focuses on money as a phenomenon of which we all are – voluntarily or involuntarily – part. Through the works and projects range of Czech and foreign artists are trying to explore ways and some of the implications of how the world today thoroughly colonized through the current economic model (DOX).

I was surprised to see some photos from my motherland, which was portraying how the local gold miners desire for money and heart touching photos from different part of the world as well. A section of the gallery was called supermarket dead, and the works were some craft made from top brands and products. They also had a section that sells some cool stuff like accessories made from silver. The prices weren’t that cool, maybe because it was a gallery. But to be frank, the things were super cool. Why not a trip to this place anytime you are in Prague?

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It is good to have money, but don’t let money control you!

Polo shirt, H&M, and Converse allstar

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