Aside black, navy blue is the next classy color. One can never go wrong in navy blue, that’s why it is one of the must have colors. Ladies, if your man does not have anything navy in his wardrobe please amend things for him. For those who are afraid of colors when it comes style and always in black, try and replace that with navy. You can start with navy blue pants, and I bet the response will make your day.

I was in Italy – Bassano Del Grappa, the weather was a bit windy and sunny at the same time. Because it was spring, I threw on my navy trench coat that  I bought from a vintage shop (very cool price). I keep telling people how vintage shops are super cool. I mean if you can’t afford a top brand between 500 – 1000 euros, why not pass a vintage shop for a low  price? And at times you’ll find some the top brands there. Remember, style doesn’t think about price tags, it’s all about fitting.

So for me to enhance my all white, I threw on the navy blue with a grey sneakers. The African beads you see around my neck is what the kings and queens put on in Africa, and people also use it during special occasions.


Trench Coat : Vintage

Shirt : From middle east

Pants : Forpen

Sneakers : Aldo

Access. : Komono, African beads

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