Before I pick up something to wear, one of the things I do is to check the weather. Prague is one of the few places that I think the weather is so unpredictable. It can be good now and for the next moment… Just like what happened when I was taking this shot, but thank God I carried my jacket with me (wink). So to keep myself warm I went for all black with a grey vest. I also had a presentation to make as well so I threw on some real handmade Italian shoe. You already know that when it comes to real leather, talk about Italy. This crafted shoe is one of things I tell people to get, because it’s a real investment when it comes to shoe/boot. Why not get yourself some real shoe/boot? We all do buy some cheap stuffs. But at least, let’s do ourselves a favor sometimes and invest in some quality stuffs.

IMG_8471IMG_8463IMG_8478IMG_8503IMG_8505Area forte shoe/boot withstands ALL, and I mean ALL weather.

IMG_8489IMG_8501IMG_8483When gold meet silver (accessories)


Photos by: Giang Tran

Vest: Saxoolondon

Pants: Piazza Italia

Shirt: Smog

Shoe/boot: Area Forte


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