Africa In Europe

Those who follow my blog already know about the history of the SMOCK. To summarize it for my new followers, it is a plaid(hand woven) shirt worn mainly by African men though there are also female versions of it. In Ghana, it is popularly known as ‘fugu’or ‘batakari’and it is worn by kings in the nothern part of Ghana. The first president of Ghana ‘Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’ wore batakari during the independence of Ghana (1957).

When I woke up in the morning I said to myself ‘back to my root’, so I decided to give my followers another Afro-Euro style. I trust by now you know that for you to have a peculiar style you really need to be bold, and remember that your body is your own canvas so you can paint it how you like, that’s why we call it style. 

After picking up the smock, the next thing I thought of was my tailored pants. And you can see from the photos how the combination went well with the green socks (don’t be afraid of colors).

One thing you should always keep in mind when dressing up is to be yourself, and make sure what you’re wearing puts a smile on your face. Please yourself before you please others.





I still have some dance move (wink)





The socks was my most detailed part


The sky will always be my limit.

Photos by Veronika

Shirt: Smock (traditional outfit)

Pants: Tailored

Sunglasses: Vintage ‘Winston’

Footwear: Aldo

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