For some time now I have been talking about the color RED, and just because I want to encourage others to add it to their wardrobe. If you do not follow trend you will be a fun of bright colors. Bright colors always puts you in style and makes you unique among others. As I said in one of my articles, if you’re not that bold enough to rock the bright colors in a raw form just dim it down by blending light colors. Warm colors always shows how bold a person is.

Why not a vintage and thrift stores? For you to have more unique styles these shops must be your pal. Way back from Africa to Europe I visit vintage and thrift shops. They are full of surprises you know, not to even talk about how inexpensive they are. Who doesn’t like cheap things? Some people think cheap things are not quality.  My friend, don’t be deceived by people like that. Just visit shops like that, and you will be amazed by some top brands.

The location is Prague, one of my favorite cities so far. Every corner in this city is beautiful and you’re into architecture and art, you will fall in love with the city. The weather was quite sunny so threw on my vintage hat.

Eben 160226-35

Eben 160226-39-2

Eben 160226-49

The church will still be church no matter what.

Eben 160226-50

Eben 160226-44-2

Eben 160226-50 - Copy

That’s the only expensive item here. ‘Tommy Hilfiger boot’

Eben 160226-66

Eben 160226-100

Photos by: Jeremy Crouch

Knitted Vest: C&S

Trouser: Tailored

Hat & Shirt: Vintage

Tie: Thrift S.

Boot: Tommy Hilfiger






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