Africa In Europe

Those who follow my blog already know about the history of the SMOCK. To summarize it for my new followers, it is a plaid(hand woven) shirt worn mainly by African men though there are also female versions of it. In Ghana, it is popularly known as ‘fugu’or ‘batakari’and it is worn by kings in the […]

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We all know there are different types of vests, and one of the cool ones is the knitted. You can look around you anytime you step out, and you will see that not many men are into the knitted vest not to even talk about the colored ones. Vest is one of the things that […]

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For some time now I have been talking about the color RED, and just because I want to encourage others to add it to their wardrobe. If you do not follow trend you will be a fun of bright colors. Bright colors always puts you in style and makes you unique among others. As I […]


Shoe Styln

We know how ladies normally look at our shoes whenever we approach them. Because of this, I just want to share with you one of the ways I style my shoes up. Just a little change in the game can speak a lot for yourselves. Follow this few steps and you’ll see how they will […]

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