A shade of green Khaki blazer is really good for a cold weather. This very khaki blazer was perfect for the weather in Italy. It was cold but I was warm a bit because of the blazer. When I was buying this blazer, I was not too sure about what to match with. Then I just said to myself ‘JUST BE YOURSELF WHEN YOU WEAR IT’, and it worked! (wink). Now, always remember to look different when you step out and never be afraid of colors, NEVER! Are you not bored with the same natural colors all the time? And even if you change, you go for grey. Come on! Throw on some colors and be happy in it. If you ain’t too sure about it, don’t go for the raw color, go for a shade of that color you want. Another thing that you can also do is to dim it with a cool color. Normally that’s what I do. When I have a bright color on the cover, the inner must be a cool color and vice versa. You can see from these images that because the green is not a raw color, I went for a bright color tie.

You know what, just have fun with what you wear and when you are not happy with your outfit, DON’T put it on. Because your outfit must put a smile on your face.


Tie pins always bring out the best when it comes to details



It is fun when you bring out the hidden colors



There is nothing like tassel shoe, always classy.

Photos: Adwoa Nicoletta

Location: Venice

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