Zip It Right

For many years, we have been zipping our jackets the wrong way. And you know what, I have been a victim myself for years. But as time goes on, we all learn from our mistakes. Fashion/Style goes round and round, and we keep on learning everyday. What I like to do is adding and subtracting ideas from various ideas around the world.

When it comes to zipping, it’s all about comfortability. Now, just take a good look at yourself whenever you zip your jacket the wrong way, and ask yourself whether you feel confortable or not? Zipping the jacket is not all about from bottom to the top. When your jacket has two zips, always remember to zip the bottom one half way up. Do not leave the bottom zip there just like that.

This how we all use to zip our jackets. The wrong way!

The right way! You can choose to zip it anyhow that you want, but just don’t leave it at the bottom.

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