ADD UP (shoes)

When it comes to shoes we normally think about women. Gentlemen, it’s time for us to change things by adding up to our shoe collections. As a guy, shoes are one of things I believe we can invest in. Don’t be deceive, ladies ain’t the only people to be adding up to their collections. It’s a fact that good heels transforms the looks of a lady, and we know how ladies normally scan guys starting from below. My fellow gentlemen, let us add up to our shoe collections. If your lady say to you one black is okay for you, then … I even prefer brown shoes to black. Simple because black shoes are too common, though black is classy and it’s must for everyone just because of certain occasions.

Another type of shoes we are to consider are suede shoes. Some think they are difficult to keep it clean (as time goes on I will make a tutorial on how to keep your suede shoes clean). If only one will be patient on how to treat suede, you’ll love it more than polishing your leather shoe. If you’re on budget, and I will suggest one excellent brown leather shoe (contact me if you need any help). And brown because, that will make you look different, classy and original.

Suede chukka boot. Navy is one of my favorite colors, or let me say I will go for anything blue. One thing that I like about the chukka is that, it can worn with anything.

The classy brown tassel shoe. As a gentleman, you must add a tassel shoe to your collections. If you can’t afford a new one, thrift shop will help. I will prefer to buy a quality slightly used shoe to a replica one. With tassel you’ll always stay classy.

Brogue suede shoes. Ladies are familiar with men in black leather shoes. They know it’s part of us. So when they are even buying a shoe for us, they normally go in for black. I bet some men don’t even have a suede. Just add up a suede (brogue) shoe to your collections, and you’ll see how your beloved will be looking at you (wink).

For any help, link up with me through my contacts. Thank you.

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