Red Scarf

GIAN MARCO VENTURI red scarf is the best scarf for this type of weather (-17). The weather in Prague was crazy fellas, so I needed something to keep myself super warm. This very scarf of mine is one of my favorite. I bought this when I was in Italy – Veneto (my second home), and I normally use it when the weather is super cold. As I mentioned in one of the articles, red is becoming one of my favorite colors in 2016. Way back in 2010 – 2014, red was one of my worse colors. Indeed, never say never to anything.

Red is one of the few colors that will make you stand out and still look classy. We all know how ladies look classy and beautiful in long red dress (I hope you ain’t signing in LADY IN RED by Chris De Burgh, haha). In fact, it even transforms the looks of some ladies. Ladies, if you don’t have anything red in your wardrobe it’s not too late (wink).

In this outfits, I went for all black because of the weather. Black always keeps us warm in a weather like this, and nothing can go wrong when you’re in black. So for me to style it up, I went for the GMV red scarf.  And you can see from the photos that I have been hand pocketing right. It wasn’t because of anything fellas, I left my gloves at home and the best way for me was to adopt that pose (hahaha).     








One can’t stop gazing at the beauty of Prague.


Jacket: Bershka

Pants: H&M


Wrist beads: H&M

Boots: Aldo

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