A shade of green Khaki blazer is really good for a cold weather. This very khaki blazer was perfect for the weather in Italy. It was cold but I was warm a bit because of the blazer. When I was buying this blazer, I was not too sure about what to match with. Then I […]


Camel Coat

The camel coat is one of the must-have coats one need to add to his/his wardrobe. It is one of the most classic cover-ups of all, and it wore whether you are dressing down or up (casual or classy). The camel coat comes in different shades, so one needs to be extra sure when buying […]

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Camo Green

We all do have budget when it comes to shopping, that’s why I want to share this with you. Not all of us buy clothes all the time. Because of this, we love to buy something that will and can last for long. On the other way round, one will like to buy something that […]

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Zip It Right

For many years, we have been zipping our jackets the wrong way. And you know what, I have been a victim myself for years. But as time goes on, we all learn from our mistakes. Fashion/Style goes round and round, and we keep on learning everyday. What I┬álike to do is adding and subtracting ideas […]

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New outfit (Pick 1)

Trench coat is one of the pieces one is have in his/her wardrobe. No matter the color, it will still look classy and clean. One of the things I like about it is that, it really keeps the body warm and you don’t need to put on much clothes when you put it on. One […]

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ADD UP (shoes)

When it comes to shoes we normally think about women. Gentlemen, it’s time for us to change things by adding up to our shoe collections. As a guy, shoes are one of things I believe we can invest in. Don’t be deceive, ladies ain’t the only people to be adding up to their collections. It’s […]

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Red Scarf

GIAN MARCO VENTURI red scarf is the best scarf for this type of weather (-17). The weather in Prague was crazy fellas, so I needed something to keep myself super warm. This very scarf of mine is one of my favorite. I bought this when I was in Italy – Veneto (my second home), and […]

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