‘FUGU’ (Smock)

Smock is one of the traditional outfits in Ghana. Before, it was worn by our chiefs and also people in high positions. Since it is hand woven, I call it a piece of an art work. The method for making it is similar to ‘Kente’ clothe. The northern part of Ghana (place of origin) are well known for this dress, and there are also female version of it. This beautiful art work is made of hand-loomed strips of kente fabrics, and they are sewn together by hand. Because I love hand made things, I normally go in for some of the traditional things around me.

In Europe vintage and thrift shops are my friends, since they normally have cool hand made things. The smock can be worn during winter, depending on the type fabric used. In Ghana, some of the ministers put on ‘fugu’ with their nice shirt and tie. Have in mind that it can also be worn without any inner. If you’re abroad and you need one of these contact me and I will link you up with some nice ‘FUGU’.





I can be in converse all day.


Afro-Euro Style. A blend of African and European style.

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