Accessories are one of the things that makes an outfit complete. One can put on all black from head to toe, a very nice and clean one. But imagine if a gold jewelry is thrown on it (wink). It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have enough, what matters is wearing it on the right outfit or at the right time. Ladies normally throws on a hat when they know their hair is a bit messy and don’t have enough time. Just imagine if you have an appointment and you are running late as a lady, the hat (accessory) will then play an important role for you. Not every guy will go for an accessory, and you may be looking great in your outfit all the time. But investing in a niece piece of watch will make you look excellent.

Accessories indeed, can completely change the look of an outfit. And a nice piece of jewelry can make your simple outfit look elegant and classy.


The anchor bracelet always makes you look different. Thanks to ‘nahod’to’ for this one.


Someone gave me these on the X’mas day. I really like how it’s blended together.


This is what I call an art piece. Just look at the detail. Thank you ‘KOMONO’ for this piece.



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