During winter, one of the ways one can look super cool is by combining some bold colors to your outfits. Bold colors will always make you stand out, and it makes people know how bold you are. Personally I believe, Africans have the most beautiful bold colors when it comes to textiles. That is the reason why I like adding African textiles to my style (Afro-Euro). My Backpack is made from ‘Kente’ clothe (see archives for Kente), and the shirt beneath the cardigan is sewn from different Ghanaian textiles.

Enough with the excuses during winter for just dressing to stay warm and not fashionable. Don’t just wrap yourself up. Be bold in your color combination. Remember, make sure what you wear always puts a smile on YOUR face.





The ‘4GIVE’ cardigan is my clothing line (contact me if you need one).


Shout out to my Ethiopian friend (Esayas), for my beautiful Ethiopian wrist band.




Contact me if you need some of this beautiful backpack. (Ghana made)



Jacket: Diesel

Pants: H&M

Cardigan: 4GIVE

Boots: Aldo

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